We provide standard and bespoke training sessions based on the needs of your team.
Successful adoption of the product and confidence among users will ensure that the solution is of immediate benefit to your team and business. Therefore, training is an essential part of the business solution.
We have developed a series of courses using the knowledge we have gained on Microsoft products, key business functions and positions within companies over the years. These can be delivered to your team members onsite and will be compatible with your unique implementation of the system. The training material is broken down into roles and functions for ease of comprehension and retention.
The training sessions have been developed by our Microsoft Certified Training Team using comprehensive knowledge on the functions of the business solution. The sessions are further improved by insight gained into the specific requirements of each client´s business. 

Standard Training Sessions

•    Access to video training resources after your solution has gone live
•    Training materials provided

Training Session Options

•    “Train the Trainer” sessions available
•    Onsite training available with our Microsoft Certified Professionals
•    Bespoke training sessions available on demand