How to install Jet Reports Financials in Dynamics 365 Business Central and run reports in Excel

Microsoft AppSource extensions

Hello everyone, my name is Christos Pittis, and I am a Dynamics 365 Business Central/LS Express consultant, and I work for Memorli Business Solutions. In this episode, I am going to show you how to install Jet Reports Financials in Dynamics 365 Business Central and run reports in Excel. It offers fast and flexible financial reporting for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, inside of Excel and comes with a 30-day trial period on the Microsoft AppSource. This app supports the Essential and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Visit Microsoft AppSource at and search for Jet Reports Financials.

Click Free Trial and accept the Provider’s terms of use and privacy policy.

“I give Microsoft permission to use or share my account information so that the provider or Microsoft can contact me regarding this product and related products. I agree to the provider's terms of use and privacy policy and understand that the rights to use this product do not come from Microsoft unless Microsoft is the provider. Use of AppSource is governed by separate terms and privacy.”

Decide on where you want to install it, Production or Sandbox. In my example, I have selected Sandbox.

Click Install.

Check the Extensions Management page to make sure the extension is installed. Click Setup & Extensions and then Extensions

Get back to the main page/Role Center of Dynamics 365 Business Central and check the notifications bar.

In the Notifications bar, you will find a notification about Jet Reports Financials. “Jet Reports Financials is now available!. Click here to get started.” Click the Click here to get started link, and you will be redirected to the installs website of Jet Reports

Click on it.

Click Actions and then Download.

You will be redirected to the install page of Jet Reports

The Jet Reports Financials executable file will be downloaded on your machine.

Click on it and run the setup wizard.

Click Install and once is done open Excel. A Jet ribbon is now available.

Click Fast Financials.

In this instance, you can see the Income Statement.

Thanks for reading this blog post and watching my YouTube video. You can connect with me on LinkedIn

Christos Pittis Dynamics 365 Business Central/LS Express consultant Director at Memorli Business Solutions

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