How to create Sales Quotes in Outlook and have your customer pay with Microsoft Pay in Dynamics 365

Hello everyone, my name is Christos Pittis, and I am a Dynamics 365 Business Central/LS Express consultant, and I work for Memorli Business Solutions. In this episode I am going to show you how to create a Sales Quote in outlook, send it via email, convert it to a Sales Order, post and sent it via email. The customer finally will use the Microsoft Pay link to settle the payment and the Dynamics 365 Business Central user will check the interaction log entries in the customer contact card.

Customer: In this scenario, Super Mario! is a Purchasing Manager and works for ALPINE SKI HOUSE, a significant customer of Memorli Business Solutions requests an item via email.

“Title: Sales Quote for Athens Desk

Hi Christos,

Would you be able to draft a Sales Quote for 1 Athens Desk to be delivered this week?


Super Mario!”

Business Central user: The Business Central user receives the email and from within Outlook creates a Sales Quote and email it back to Super Mario!

In the first instance, the Business Central user clicks the Contact Insight (a Business Central add-in) to get an overview about the customer like Balance, ageing, sales, ongoing sales quotes and orders etc.

Right after he clicks New so to create a new Sales Quote.

Outlook recognises the product and suggests line items: “We think we've found one or more items that match the text in the email. Would you like to add them as line items in the document?”

The user clicked ok to accept the suggestion.

The Sales Quote has been created, the total price looked fine, and the Payment Service switched to Microsoft Pay. The final step was to email it back to the Purchasing Manager.


Super Mario!, the Purchasing Manager received the Sales Quote and gave the go-ahead for the Sales Order and delivery.

Business Central user:

The Business Central user received the confirmation and converted the Sales Quote to Sales Order and posted it.

Customer: The customer received the Sales Invoice and Shipment and clicked the Microsoft Pay link to settle the payment.

Business Central: The user checked the Interaction Log Entries to verify whether the interactions have been saved under the customer’s contact card.

Thanks for reading this blog post and watching my YouTube video. You can connect with me on LinkedIn and read my blog posts here

Christos Pittis Dynamics 365 Business Central/LS Express consultant Director at Memorli Business Solutions

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