Are Outdated POS Retail Systems Destroying Your Retail Business? 5 Warnings To Pay Special Mind To

How Just 30 Minutes Can Change Your Retail Business and Boost Your Profits

The world of retail has changed, that's no secret. The high street and shopping malls across the country bear witness to changes that have destroyed small businesses and forced radical transitions upon most of those who remain. If you're reading these words, the chances are that you can see the writing is on the wall unless your business is part of that transformation. At the same time, you see how the large chain retailers run their businesses, how they need to manage their businesses in order to survive - wringing out every cost saving, every piece of useful data about how their business runs.

In Britain, independent retailers are suffering badly. In 2017 almost 1,500 independent retail outlets closed even though there were 33,000 new shop openings there were 35,000 closures. Britain is still a nation of retailers, but life is hard for the independent retail sector.

How can your business compete with the vast capital requirements of an integrated point of sale system, one that talks directly to your back-end accounting, a system that can handle creating barcodes and sending out receipts to customer by email?

Challenging times for smaller retailers!

Retailers Are Survivors!

Britain has been called a nation of shopkeepers. That was back in Napoleon’s day. We have centuries of retail history behind us. Small retailers have survived through technological developments and found ways to profit from them such that a modern retail store wouldn't be recognisable to the owner of a high street store from 50 or 60 years ago. Survival is in the retailers’ blood and DNA.

So, how do you make your business worthy of the future? What options do you have, because giving up is not one of them!

You've probably seen waitstaff in bars and restaurants using small tablets, or even their mobile phones to take orders. Perhaps your florist swipes your credit card into a small device tucked into the end of her mobile phone. A few years ago, such things simply did not exist. You have probably seen some of these systems, maybe even had them demonstrated to you. There's a very good chance that you rejected such tools because they simply didn't go far enough to meet your needs, but they show that there might be answers out there, answers that can scale with your business growth and that can be part of an integrated system, not just a way to take credit cards, or track drinks orders. What has become clear is that high quality PoS for shops is now a survival factor for smaller retailers. A well set up point of sale system enables retailers to compete with the big chains and differentiates good retailers from their less well-equipped competitors.

What If You Could Copy Carphone Warehouse Without Breaking the Bank?

'What If' is a game that most entrepreneurs and managers play, it is how the best ideas and plans come about. Let's play What If!

What If you could have electronic PoS systems in your businesses, all connected to your accounting back-end (ERP)?

What If you could track inventory levels across all your stores, making sure that you were maximising your profit at the lowest cost?

What If you could generate barcodes for new items on the system and print out price labels and update your scanners with the new items?

What If you could get up and running in less than a day for a small system?

What If the administration of the system used the same look and feel as Microsoft Office, making it easy for most admin users to understand and use?

What if all upgrades and software maintenance were handled for you so that the software was always at the latest version and no need for you or your staff to get their hands dirty with incomprehensible manuals?

What if you could access and use your PoS on any device, including mobile devices, no need to invest in new hardware or training to use it.

What if you didn't even have any up-front costs to get the system running, but you simply pay as you go and pay only for what you use?

Wouldn't that game of 'What If' be worth spending 30 minutes to check out? 30 minutes that could change your business and make it ready for the challenges of retailing for today and into the future?

Who Can Make the Future Happen Now?

Success is a team effort, it is true in sports, retail business and life in general. So, when you look to the future and how you can futureproof your business, you’ll be best served by looking for the best team to support your business goals.

What Makes a Successful Retail Point of Sale Team?

Your stores are the visible face of your retail business but behind that very visible façade is the management of the business. Tracking and control of inventory, payments, pricing, customer service, communication with customers, reporting and accounting. Getting this part of the business is not easy and, until now, has been complex and costly to implement. All these functions are baked into the online retail giants who are growing at the expense of high street retail but building the same functions into your business will protect you from the online threat. That’s where building a team to support these vital activities comes in.

Dynamics 365 and LS Express are providing point of sale support for retailers in a way that has not been possible before.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an enterprise resource planning system from Microsoft that helps businesses to manage and improve their financials, supply chain, customer service and optimise operations.

LS Express is a point of sale system that leverages Dynamics 365 to provide a complete, low-cost business management system that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Owners and managers can now access and manage their business on devices from desktop PCs to smartphones and tablets.

Because the system can use existing equipment and services are provided on an as-needed subscription basis the cost of entry is very low. Training staff to use the system can be completed in less than a single day. Yet, at the same time, the system can grow as your business grows so that you are not forced into rounds of expensive upgrades.

This is Your 30 Minute Opportunity!

30 minutes can be enough to change the way your retail business faces the challenges of retailing today. You’re busy and time is precious, but a little time now invested in your business success must be worthwhile. So, because you’re committed to the success of your business taking a little time to see how LS Express and Dynamics 365 can help you to build out that future makes a lot of sense. Click here at Memorli Business Solutions to book a free 30-minute LS Express demo now.

Memorli Business Solutions

Dynamics 365 Business Central | LS Express

Memorli provides business management software solutions & POS systems to help retailers, restaurateurs, forecourt, and service companies to put their businesses at the top of their game. Our retail and ERP solutions are sold and supported by Memorli and Microsoft Partners worldwide.

We provide IT support, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and LS Express services to 100's of small and medium-sized businesses

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