How to create and post a cash sale transaction on LS Express retail Point of Sale (POS) - Dynamics 3

LS Express: A powerful online retail point of sale to manage your business anytime, anywhere, and is natively integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

LS Express is an online POS with low entry costs, zero-time implementation and deep retail functionality – in other words, it is the ideal retail solution for SMB retailers, no matter whether they are Startups, or established brands looking to upgrade their outdated software to serve modern consumers better. LS Express is the only retail Point of Sale (POS) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the market, and it is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for small companies.

LS Express is a complete online POS system, natively integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This means that you can use just one retail system to manage all your tasks, improving your service and increasing your profitability. And as it is cloud-based, LS Express costs a fraction of the price of a traditional POS system - and allows you to cut on hardware expenses, too.

Why LS Express then:

  1. Easy to configure, a cloud-based solution

  2. Embedded in the Dynamics 365 Business Central codebase

  3. Fast setup

  4. Streamlined industry-based processes

  5. Target market: 1-5 stores / 1-15 POS

  6. Customers can upgrade to full LS NAV solution

Visit the following URL and sign in.

In the My Apps section, click the Dynamics 365 Business Central app

Congratulations, you have just accessed the system!

Each user intending to use the point of sale must change their role centre to LS Express Point of Sale - Sales Associate where all actions are available.

Now you can go ahead and switch to the LS Express Point of Sale - Sales Associate Role Center.

Switch the Role Center to LS Express Point of Sale - Sales Associate

Click OK.

Click OK.

The people in your company who have access to Dynamics 365 Business Central are all assigned a profile that gives them access to a Role Centre. As an administrator, you can assign and change profiles in Dynamics 365 Business Central, and you can add and remove users as part of your Dynamics 365 Business Central subscription.

For example:

  • POS users (cashiers) will be assigned Role Center LS Express Point of Sale - Sales Associate

  • Accountants will be assigned Role Center Accountant

  • Store Manager will be assigned Role Center Business Manager

  • Etc

When they access the system, the interface (look and feel) is based on their assigned role.

In this scenario, you are a POS user (cashier) at a physical store and in the process of selling products to retail customers.

Click Point of Sale.

Select your Staff ID.

Click LoginStaff (if more than one Staff ID).

Enter Your password and click ok.

You can either scan a barcode and have the item inserted in the lines section, or search for it based on various characteristics like:

  1. Item No

  2. Item Description

  3. Attributes (Colour, Brand, Model, Height, Weight,

You can even check the Availability by Location real time if more than one Store.

Once you add the item(s) to the POS transaction, you can make various changes according to the staff permissions, like apply discounts, change price etc.

You can now close the transaction by selecting a payment method, cash, card, voucher or even a combination of the three.

In my example, I am selecting Exact Cash

Click Yes.

The sale is finalized, and you can either print the receipt on a receipt printer or send it via email (office 365).

The Point of Sale is fully integrated with General Ledger, Sales Ledger, Inventory modules etc., therefore go ahead and switch to another Role Center (Business Manager for example) and have a look at the POS customer, Item and G/L Accounts gotten updated real time.

Click OK.

Click on Customers

Click the POS Customer.

On the “POS Customer”, customer card, visit the Navigate tab and click Customer Ledger Entries.

Now click Navigate at the Home tab.

Check the G/L Entries

And finally, go the Item and check the item ledger entries and remaining quantity on that specific location (Store).

Click the Item to open up the Item Card.

In the Navigate tab, click Entries, Item Ledger Entries.

You can see the Sales Shipment line where the quantity is taken out of the inventory.

Additionally, you can check the Item Availability by:

  • Location

  • Period

  • Event

  • BOM Level

Thanks for reading this blog post and watching our YouTube video.

You can book a free LS Express and/or Dynamics 365 Business Central demo, click here or visit Memorli Business Solutions at


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