Memorli provides business management software solutions & POS systems to help retailers, restaurateurs, forecourt, and service companies to put their businesses at the top of their game. Our retail and ERP solutions are sold and supported by Memorli and Microsoft Partners worldwide.


We provide IT support, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and LS Express services to 100's of small and medium-sized businesses


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Memori Dynamics 365 Business Central
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LS Express

Don’t let your current POS and accounting system hinder your growth

Easy to run and maintain

Setting up LS Express takes less than 10 minutes – and you are ready to sell.

Touch optimized and responsive

Run it on your favorite web browser on mobile, tablet or computer.

Always up to date

The system will update automatically at every new release.

Familiar business environment

Make this yours. Add images, text and links it's very easy to learn for anyone used to Microsoft products, such as Office.

LS Express retail POS systems

LS Express pricing 

( with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central)
No upfront fees, just pay as you go
Prices do not include VAT

Why LS Express?

Pay for exactly what you need

Pay only for the number of Points of Sale that you need. When your business grows just add more POS and easily unsubscribe if the needs change at any point.

Always up-to-date

Save time and cut maintenance costs. Updates will always be pushed out automatically, so that every time you log in, you will access the latest version of the software. No pain, no hassle!

Drastically cut hardware expenses

LS Express can run on any type of device and browser. No need to invest in new hardware systems, just use what you prefer or are familiar with.

Never lose your data, even if you unsubscribe

LS Express will never delete any of your data. If you decide to suspend your subscription, and later on decide to reactivate it, all the previous account's information will still be accessible.

LS Express is an online POS with low entry costs, zero-time implementation and deep retail functionality – in other words, it is the ideal retail solution for SMB retailers, no matter whether they are startups, or established brands looking to upgrade their outdated software to better serve modern consumers.

LS Express is the only retail Point of Sale (POS) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the market.

Software as a Service

SaaS for small companies

Easy to configure, a cloud-based solution
Embedded in the Dynamics 365 Business Central codebase
Fast setup
Streamlined industry based processes
Target market: 1-5 stores / 1-15 POS
Customers can upgrade to full LS NAV solution

A powerful online retail point of sale to manage your business anytime, anywhere

24/7 support


Remote installation