D365BC Quick Start Program


Dynamics 365 Business Central is more than an accounting package. It is a complete business management solution that can be implemented in just 1 week.



The Quick Start solution is the ideal foundation for your team to get familiar with the necessary knowledge on how Dynamics 365 Business Central will help address your specific business requirements. 
The implementation process is simple. We will work closely with your team in order to determine exactly what you need the system to achieve for you.  After setting up your new Dynamics 365 Business Central solution, we will then provide your team with the necessary training so that they will be able to utilize the system to its full advantage.



Planning and Implementation Processes

1.    Identify the business objectives and create an action plan based on these goals
2.    Setup of the Dynamics 365 Business Central system
3.    Training
of the team in the utilization of the Dynamics 365 Business Central system


Our D365BC Quick Start Dynamics 365 Business Central SAAS package solution is available from £6 per user per month and can be implemented from £3,000*.


This package will include the following activities:

- Getting you up and running with the basic Dynamics 365 Business Central functionality within the Starter Pack including:


  • General Ledger

  • Sales & Purchase Order Processing

  • Cash & Bank Management for between 1 and 10 users

- Migrating/importing predefined customer and supplier records with open balances

- Delivering basic training to help your team to get the maximum benefit from Dynamics 365 Business Central


1. Envestnet Yodlee Bank Feeds

2. One Power BI standard Content Pack embedded to One Role Center

3. Setup your Business Inbox in Outlook (office 365 required)

4. Setup email (office 365 required)

5. Setup email logging (office 365 required)

6. Microsoft Pay or WorldPay Payments Standard extensions (active account with Payment Providers is needed)



This service is offered in the following 14 countries:

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, and Finland.




























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