This article explains different types of cookies and what we use.

Cookie Storage 

We use a mixture of First and Third-party cookies in order to ascertain where a visitor came from and what number to display to them. Many of these cookies are stored on a per-installation basis and so will be suffixed with the Installation ID (denoted by ).
For example, if you have an installation with an ID of 1, ictf_in becomes ictf_in1
Below is an outline of each cookie stored, and what it is used for:










First-party Cookies 

First-party cookies are cookies that belong to the same domain that is shown in the browser's address bar (or that belong to the subdomain of the domain in the address bar).
It is important to understand what type of cookies your website relies on when 
it comes to calling tracking as this may affect the way your tracking works.


Third-party Cookies 

Third-party cookies are cookies that belong to domains different from the one shown in the address bar. Web pages can feature content from third-party domains (such as banner ads), which opens up the potential for tracking the user's browsing history. Privacy setting options in most modern browsers allow the blocking of third-party tracking cookies, therefore you may need to consider our Disable Land Detection article if your website is using this type of structure.
Growth of third-party cookie rejection
Reports and research on the subject of website tracking tell us that the rejection of third-party cookies is growing. Increasing numbers of people are either 
manually blocking third-party cookies or deleting them regularly.
The number of people who block third-party cookies has been given numbers as high as 40%. If you count that many anti-spyware applications and default privacy settings also block third-party cookies, then it is possible that a high percentage of cookies are being blocked.

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