Complaints code

If you prefer you can download our Customer Complaints Code.

We try hard to ensure that our customers are happy with the level of service, and the products and service they receive from us. However, despite our best efforts, things can go wrong. When they do, we want to know so that we can put them right as soon as possible.

This policy explains how to contact us and our procedures for resolving complaints about sales, billing, fault repair or services and is available to download via the link above on request by sending an email at the Contacts page.


If you have a complaint

If you are dissatisfied with any of the products or services we have provided, we would encourage you to try and resolve the issues informally by speaking to your Account Manager.

If the issues are not resolved to your satisfaction, you can make a complaint by writing to us at Memorli Limited, 65 Cromer Road EN55HT, London, UK or by sending an email to


What happens when we receive your complaint?

We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 3 days of receiving it.

We will investigate your complaint. This will normally involve a senior manager who will review the nature of the complaint and speak to the relevant member(s) of staff.

Following an investigation, we will provide you with a written response outlining the conclusions of our investigation and how we propose to remedy the problems. We will normally send our response within ten working days of the complaint being received, although more complex cases may take up to 8 weeks.

If we cannot resolve the problem, then we will write to you to say so.

During any discussions, we will protect the privacy of the information that we hold on you. We may have to ask you questions to confirm that we are speaking to the right person and to obtain from you the necessary information to consider your complaint in full.


Taking your complaint further

If your complaint is about cloud ERP and POS services and you wish to pursue your complaint further by alternative dispute resolution, you may wish to refer to Ombudsman Services: Communications, an Ofcom approved independent provider of alternative dispute resolution. Ombudsman Services: Communications can only be accessed once 8 weeks have passed since you first made your complaint, but is provided at no cost to you. Ombudsman Services: Communications will need to have heard from you within 6 months of our writing to tell you we are unable to resolve your complaint. In the unlikely case of our not having written to you, you will have up to 9 months to contact Ombudsman Services: Communications.

Please note that Ombudsman Services: Communications do not deal with pricing complaints or with complaints made by larger businesses with more than 10 employees.

Useful addresses

Ombudsman Services: Communications, PO Box 730, Warrington, WA4 6WU, email: Tel: 0330 440 1614 Fax: 0330 440 1615 or visit their website

Ofcom: PO Box 1285, Warrington WA1 9GL. Tel: 020 7981 3000 (national rate) / 0300 123 3333 (local rate)

Federation of Communication Services Limited (FCS): Burnhill Business Centre, Provident House, Burrell Row, Beckenham, Kent BR3 1AT. Tel: 020 7186 5432, email:

The information provided in this code is correct as of April 2017. It is in addition to any other rights you may have under the Terms and Conditions that apply when we supply equipment and/or services to you, but is not part of the contract between us. You can find our Terms and Conditions here.